Danube University Krems

Danube University Krems is a university of further education. Its teaching programme is specifically oriented toward the needs of working professionals. The University offers exclusive postgraduate programmes, serving about 9,000 students from 93 countries. With 20,000 graduates, it is one of the leading providers of further education in Europe.

The Department for Migration and Globalisation is the only university department in Austria that is exclusively dedicated to migration research and teaching. The department coordinates or participates in various national and international projects. We understand migration as an integral part of the complex processes of internationalisation, globalisation, and social transformation with implications on people’s lives and society. The department works on the complex interlinkages between migration, globalisation and processes of societal change, contributing to a better understanding of these processes in promoting social cohesion and human wellbeing. The department’s interdisciplinary research team covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that address the complexity of migration and globalisation from various vantage points.


Roles/tasks in the project

Danube University Krems leads WPs (“Learning from the past”) and contributes to WP 1, WP 3, WP 7 and 8.

Team members involved in the project

Dr Albert Kraler

Dr Albert Kraler is a political scientist and Senior Researcher at the Department of Migration and Globalization of the Danube University in Krems, which he joined in September 2018. He previously was a Senior Researcher at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). His recent projects include a Horizon2020 project examining European asylum policies (CEASEVAL, coordinated by the Technical University Chemnitz), a DG Devco-funded study on migrants in countries in crisis (MICIC, 2015-2018), and a study on skills-based complementary pathways to protection commissioned by the European Centre for Professional Development (CEDEFOP).

Albert Kraler leads WP 2 (“Learning from the past”) and contributes to WP 1, 3, 7 and 8.


Margarita Fourer

Margarita Fourer has an LLM in International Law and the Law of International Organizations from Groningen University (the Netherlands). She is currently a PhD Candidate at the Danube University Krems. Her PhD research continues her interest in responsibility sharing and durable solutions and is focused on extraterritorial processing of refugees, looking specifically at the EU–Turkey deal, the European Commission’s consideration of disembarkation platforms, and Australia’s deals with PNG and Nauru. Before embarking on a PhD, Margarita Fourerresearched and wrote on various aspects of refugee law.

Margarita Fourer contributes to WP 2 (“Learning from the past”).