TRAFIG will produce a range of different products over three years. It will issue publications such as Working Papers and Policy Briefs. The project will further develop an interactive toolkit and other online visualisation tools. TRAFIG will organise stakeholder workshops and study trips for parliamentarians and journalists to offer the possibility for exchange.


Working Papers: Present main discussions, concepts and analysis and main empirical findings regarding the key topics of the project

Policy Briefs: Provide short presentations and analysis/policy recommendations resulting from the respective Working Papers

Practice Notes: Provide information, insights and options for practical use for actors in the field of humanitarian aid, development and protection based on the respective Working Paper


An online tool will help to assess the vulnerability of people in protracted displacement situations (PDS) and the transnational dimensions of their lives.


The TRAFIG Blog will tell stories from the field


Displaced people will tell their stories in short video clips

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Provides regular updates on the project.

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