Dignity Kwanza works towards safeguarding and promoting human dignity of marginalised and vulnerable populations, including refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants, towards attaining social and economic development. We do that through legal aid provision; community empowerment and support; and policy advocacy, capacity-building, and awareness raising.

DIGNITY Kwanza believes in the strong link between human dignity and economic growth of an individual and the whole society. As such we seek to give marginalised individuals and their communities the tools they need to leave with dignity and achieve personal growth and contribute to the general development of the nation. At the national level, DIGNITY Kwanza advocates for policies that give the marginalised and vulnerable a chance to live with dignity. For effective advocacy, DIGNITY Kwanza engages in research and studies to collect information to support her advocacy work.


Roles/tasks in the project

  • Contribute to producing a country report on policy and legal structures in Tanzania
  • Take the lead in mapping the concentration of displaced people in Tanzania, selecting field sites for empirical research and organise local methodology workshops in Tanzania
  • Conduct empirical research in Tanzania and draft an internal report
  • Organise an interactive workshop in Tanzania and in-person briefings with senior officials and contribute to drafting a Policy Brief on East Africa.
  • Contribute to integrating findings into the central project database and to writing practice notes.
  • Participate in writing a summary of findings from East Africa highlighting best practices and solutions and in developing a typology of figurations including an overview of opportunities and challenges.

Team members involved in the project

Janemary Ruhundwa

Janemary Ruhundwa (Project Lead) is the Executive Director of Dignity Kwanza.

Edward F. Chimbenje

Edward F. Chimbenje (Research Assistant) is an Advocate of the High Court currently working as a Senior Legal, Research, and Advocacy Officer at Dignity Kwanza.


Prof. Khoti Chilomba Kamanga

Professor Khoti Chilomba Kamanga (lead researcher) is an Associate Professor at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).


Faith Mario Mjalilla

Faith Mario Mjalilla (Research Assistant)is an Advocate of the High court currently working as the Program Officer at DIGNITY Kwanza with a special focus on legal aid, policy advocacy and communications.