Crafting Futures

For some time now, Greece has been a passage for people seeking security and better life prospects in Europe. In recent years it has become a necessary stopover. Having experienced multiple losses and passed through long and difficult journeys, many may see their displacement getting protracted, as they are faced with border and migration regimes. Yet their lives and deeds are not only marked by immobility, passivity and victimhood, but also daily struggle, learning and creativity, intimate encounters and connections with places, institutions and people. The documentary narrates fragments of the everyday life of persons who have lately found themselves displaced in different parts of Greece. Their stories together articulate a polyphonic stapling of such encounters and connections built around common spaces and joint activities. Of course, there exist numerous others.

Directed by Michalis Kastanidis & Io Chaviara
Length: 28 min.

Latest news

TRAFIG policy brief no. 7

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'Nothing is more permanent than the temporary' – Understanding protracted displacement and people's own responses

Final report sums up findings of 3 1/2 years of TRAFIG research.

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