TRAFIG policy brief no. 4

Starting up and starting over

How networking can enable refugee entrepreneurs to regain livelihoods in East Africa

Establishing a secure livelihood is a key element that enables refugees to rebuild their lives and overcome protracted dis placement situations. Not only can a steady source of income help refugees afford housing, food and other basic neces sities, it can also facilitate their integration by connecting them with others in the community. While some seek jobs in existing organisations or businesses in the formal or informal economy, others create their own enterprises from scratch.

This policy brief shares TRAFIG findings from two key refugee-hosting countries in Africa, Ethiopia and Tanzania, and illustrates how refugees are using connectivity to create livelihood opportunities, with a focus on those engaging in entrepreneurial activities. It also puts forth ideas for those seeking to scale up access to entrepreneurship for displaced persons.

Figure 2: Harnessing connectivity entrepreneurship to expand refugee entrepreneurship: Policy implications © ICMPD/ Nikolina Sladojevic, Caitlin Katsiaficas, Martin Wagner

Authors: Caitlin Katsiaficas, Catherina Wilson, Fekadu Adugna Tufa, Janemary Ruhundwa, Markus Rudolf

Cite as: Katsiaficas, C. et al. (2021). Starting up and starting over. How networking can enable refugee entrepreneurs to regain livelihoods in East Africa (TRAFIG policy brief 4). Bonn: BICC. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5845982

You can download TRAFIG policy brief no. 4 here.

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