TRAFIG panel on responsibility sharing and solutions to protracted displacement at the 16th Annual IMISCOE Conference in Malmö (27-29 June, 2019)

A panel organised by members of the TRAFIG consortium at this year’s Annual Conference of the IMISCOE Research network in Malmö (Sweden) provided an opportunity to present the TRAFIG concept, to discuss the role of mobility in ensuring broader access to (durable) solutions and to critically exami... Read more

TRAFIG Practice Note - Exploring new solutions to protracted displacement

TRAFIG Practice Note - Exploring new solutions to protracted displacement

According to the UNHCR’s latest estimates 15.9 million people are living in protracted refugee situations at the end of the year 2018. This corresponds to more than three-quarter of all refugees. Resolving protracted refugee situations is a fundamental global challenge, yet progress remains stal... Read more

TRAFIG Meeting in Brighton

The University of Sussex (Brighton, UK) was the chosen location for a gathering of several TRAFIG members over a couple of days (5-6 June 2019). Colleagues from across Europe, with several others from around the globe joining virtually, met to discuss the progress so far in Work Package 3, which i... Read more

Launch of the first working paper

TRAFIG officially launched the Working Paper 1\2019 “Transnational Figurations of Displacement. Conceptualising protracted displacement and translocal connectivity through a process-oriented perspective” at a public event at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Please find the full text of TR... Read more

Announcement Public Lecture Brighton

  • University of Sussex, Brighton,

University of Sussex organises on behalf of TRAFIG a public lecture on

Transnational Figurations of Displacement: Investigating protracted displacement through the lens of transnationalism

Members of the TRAFIG Consortium will present and discuss key aspects of the project. What are “Transnati... Read more

What solutions for Protracted Displacement? – Roundtable on Policy Options

  • Brussels

The Roundtable will discuss viable policy options, which enhance the self-reliance and resilience of displaced people, and which simultaneously respond to the needs of host countries. Stakeholders will bring in their own perspective on applied policies and programmes, discussing how protection-, liv... Read more