#11: Revisiting protracted displacement – policies, mobility and agency

Launch of a Forced Migration Review special feature

14 December 2021, 15:00 – 16:30 CET


Coined nearly 20 years ago, the concept of ‘protracted displacement’ highlights two aspects of contemporary displacement. Firstly, and reflecting the protracted nature both of conflicts and of persecution in countries of origin, the term simply highlights that exile often lasts for many years. Secondly, and more importantly, the notion of protracted displacement emphasises that many displaced persons remain in precarious situations for prolonged periods of time after becoming displaced and do not find a ‘durable solution’ to their situation. Almost two decades after the concept was first introduced, the absence of solutions and denial of longer-term perspectives has become an even more dominant characteristic of contemporary patterns of forced displacement.

On the occasion of the publication of a special feature on Mobility and Agency in Protracted Displacement in the forthcoming issue of the Forced Migration Review, this edition of the Zooming in on Migration and Asylum webinar series will reflect on TRAFIG findings presented in the feature. Specifically, it will revisit the notion of protracted displacement, its critical potential for present day debates and the role that the mobility and agency of displaced persons themselves may play in promoting solutions to displacement.



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