Asylum reception during a pandemic

The impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the lives of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in reception in select European countries

Private stakeholder meeting 9 June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a number of far-reaching impacts on daily life across Europe, and asylum systems are no exception. In this context, the accommodation of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in reception settings poses many concerns related to the health and care of residents and staff. Since the outbreak, a variety of measures have been put in place in different reception systems and centres, including restrictions on movement, quarantines, the pausing of education- and work-related activities, and bans on or separate accommodation for new arrivals. The consequences of such measures to halt the pandemic’s spread also pose a concern for the wellbeing and integration of this population.

With reception a key first step in providing an effective solution to displacement – and one that has come under increased stress since the 2015-2016 spike in arrivals and now the Covid-19 pandemic – participants in this expert meeting exchanged experiences, challenges and good practices and examined the impacts of recent developments on both reception systems and those in reception facilities.

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