MCM Data Panel

This data panel provides insights into our survey data, particularly on displaced persons’ mobility, network connectivity and their marginalization, which we use as proxy for protracted displacement. For each of these dimensions, we developed 8 key indicators that reflect the respondents’ answers to a set of relevant questions. Based on these indicators we built three different indices – an index of mobility, an index of connectivity and an index of marginalisation.

The results for all indicator values are visualized below with the help of radar charts. To illustrate and explore key differences in terms of mobility, connectivity and marginalisation, the radar charts for each index display all 8 indicators as axes and show the calculated means (each one of the 8 indicators can have a maximum value of 10 and a minimum value of 0). The results can be displayed for the full dataset (n=1897) or filtered by one of the 9 independent variables that can be selected manually. A donut chart displays the respective share of the respondents across the full sample.

Note that you can toggle on/off groups from all the filters by clicking them in the legend!

Explore the TRAFIG data panel yourself! We welcome any feedback. Contact us via, if you are interested in working with the data.


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