ADMIGOV - Advancing Alternative Migration Governance

The H2020 AdMiGov (Advancing Alternative Migration Governance - 2019-2022) project, is designed to promote an alternative migration governance model, that takes seriously the principles laid out in documents of the United Nations, in particular starting from the New York Declaration (NYD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It studies how alternative approaches to migration governance in line with these UN principles can be better designed and put into practice.

Rather than proposing a top-down study of existing migration policies, AdMiGov studies the reality of existing policies and practices on the ground to improve migration governance in line with the principles set out in the NYD and SDGs. This is the unique analytical feature of AdMiGov. It brings together analyses of migration governance in practice and in key times and spaces and relate these analyses to the key structuring principles of migration governance as laid out in the NYD and SDGs. This is done to better understand the current gaps between principles and practices and in order to provide insights and recommendations for migration governance in the future.

The project is methodologically unique. It brings analyses from along the migration ‘chain’, from entry through to exit and incorporating key issues such as labour migration and labour needs, protection needs and regarding the assumption that development would intervene with the "root causes" of migration. Several case studies of key times and spaces in migration governance were chosen, including the Greek islands, Lebanon, Turkey, Poland, and in Africa to better understand the most important and most problematic processes at play. Additionally, through the involvement of the Danish Refugee Council's Mixed Migration Centre, the researchers have access to possibly the largest dataset on migrants on the move today. The 4Mi data of the Danish Refugee Council will give the researchers access to and help them to generate more data than a single research team could normally collect.

AdMiGov is coordinated by dr. Anja van Heelsum of the University of Amsterdam, with management support by Yvonne ter Horst.

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Lesvos, Greece. Photo by Polly Pallister-Wilkins 1918, member of the AdMiGov team

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